Our Excelsior Program is an opportunity for students to participate in a dual enrollment at both Explorations Academy and Running Start — getting the best of both worlds!

Oftentimes, Running Start students are ready for “something more” than traditional High School, but are unequipped to handle the lack of structure, built-in community, and 100% accountability required at college.

We think of Excelsior as a Bridge — supporting our students as they navigate College with success, while participating in the best that Explorations Academy has to offer a High School Student – cluster (topic) classes, leadership experience, a safe social network, urban and field outings, personal advising, and community service learning.

Community Service Learning

Early in the year students work with their advisor to identify a community need and then design a service initiative to address this issue. This project is supervised by the advisor but is organized and completed by students.

It is an opportunity for students to apply their creativity, entrepreneurship, and initiative as they make a clear and meaningful impact in their community and the world.

Personal Advising
Advisors work with Excelsior students as they enroll in college courses, select from other Explorations Academy courses, design independent studies, and internships, and make decisions for post-secondary education.

Students participating in the Excelsior Program must be enrolled at a public high school, their local community college, and Explorations Academy. Enrolled students receive .5 Leadership credits per semester.


$5,000 for the 2017-2018 Academic Year