Financial Aid FAQs

Explorations Academy Financial Aid Commitment

Explorations Academy celebrates a commitment to diversity and accessibility that comes from having our programs accessible to students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, while also being reflective of the quality of education we offer. To ensure that all admitted students have access to our programs the following questions and principles guide our financial aid practices.

What is the cost of tuition for the 2018-2019 school year?

$7,250 for the middle school, $8,925 for the high school

What is Indexed Tuition?

Indexed tuition is a financial aid model that Explorations uses to scale the price of attendance in accordance with a family’s ability to pay. Families for whom paying full tuition would be a financial stretch are encouraged to apply for Indexed Tuition.  Applications for financial aid are considered separately from a student’s admission application, which means that all admissions decisions are made on a needs-blind basis.

What is the minimum Indexed Tuition for the 2018-2019 year?

$4,125 for the middle school, $5,020 for the high school

How do I apply for Indexed Tuition?

Explorations Academy utilizes TADS (Tuition Aid and Database Services) a secure, third party, entity who processes financial aid and billing for schools across the country. They provide families with an outline and list of resources needed to apply. Explorations Academy’s ability to accurately and quickly determine a family specific indexed tuition is dependent upon a timely and accurate completion of the TADS paperwork.

If I applied for Indexed Tuition through TADS last year do I need to re-apply?

Yes. Families must reapply for indexed tuition through TADS each academic year.

What if my family cannot meet the indexed tuition minimum?

Explorations is committed to working with families who are stretched to meet the minimum indexed tuition. In these cases families can request additional tuition assistance by writing a letter addressed to the Financial Aid Committee. In these cases the following options apply:

  • Explorations will work with the family and TADS to determine a reasonable monthly tuition payment.
  • Explorations will help the family activate a set of fundraising tools that can be used to expand their network of financial support and access local foundations, business, and community support.
  • Explorations will work with families to identify possible work/tuition trades between the family and the school.
  • Families may apply for a Tuition Assistance Scholarship through Explorations Academy.

What are Tuition Assistance Scholarships?  

These are scholarship funds built up through Explorations philanthropic efforts and are designated to provide need-based scholarships for students who: demonstrate growth and development through our programs, maintain specific academic standards, are consistent in their school attendance, actively participate in school field outings, and who through their unique contributions improve school culture and community.

How does Explorations Academy determine who receives a Tuition Assistance Scholarship?

Tuition Assistance Scholarships are awarded to students in the following order of priority:

  1. Current students already receiving and who continue to qualify for assistance
  2. Current students who do not receive aid but now qualify for assistance.
  3. Other qualifying new students being offered admission to the school.