Aventuras en Ecuador!

The Crew of Penguins heading to Ecuador:


On our 2018 Ecuador trip, we will be visiting different areas and environments on the different weeks.

For the first portion, we will be in the town of Mashpi learning about farming. We will learn about sustainable farms by visiting farmers around the community and talking about permaculture and agroforestry. We will also take time for recreation and community interaction.

After that, we will start the Quilatoa traverse for the next week of our expedition. We will be travelling day to day by foot, stopping to stay the night at hostels. At the end of the hike there is the Laguna Quilatoa, which is a beautiful crater lake.

Then we will travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon for the last segment of our trip. We will visit some “food forest” community farms and go on a river rafting trip, along with teaching English to children at schools.

– Amelia, freshman student at Explorations Academy