Our mission is to ignite a passion for learning that inspires participants to collaborate effectively and take responsibility for positive global change.

We value experiential learning, healthy individuals and communities, and environmental awareness. Since our founding, we have incorporated environmental education, field study, and ecological literacy into our core academics and summer programs. This helps students build an ethic of environmental stewardship and volunteerism into their life as a direct result of first-hand experiences where nature is the classroom. Community responsibility is also central to our mission, and students engage in service learning work with a variety of environmental, social justice, and other organizations.

Founding Principles

Our school was founded on three pillars of thought that a REAL education (Relevant, Engaged, Applied Learning) is personal, social, and global. These pillars shape our Student Outcomes and are reinforced in every aspect of our program whether academic or meta-curricular.

Personal: Find real purpose in school through timely, relevant curriculum and experiences

Social: Build genuine connections with others through positive relationships and self-discovery

Global: Make education global with service, travel, and community involvement built into school

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