Aaron Miller has taken an unconventional path to Explorations Academy having pursued a number of other life paths prior to becoming a teacher. Growing up in Oregon, he learned early the merits of outdoor adventure and the value of wide ranging curiosity about the world. Leaving the NW for college and graduate school at Saint Olaf College and the University of Texas Health Science Center, he then relocated to Boulder, CO where he was a research fellow in biochemistry. Looking for more human connection than could be achieved in a lab, he moved to Bellingham in 2011 to pursue a high school teaching certificate at Western Washington University. He began teaching various science classes, math, P.E. and bike mechanics at EA in 2013. He avidly pursues wild adventures in the mountains on snow and rock and can be seen daily around town on his bike. You will know him by his knickers, colorful socks and floral shirts.

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