Sponsorship for Scholarships

EA Sponsorship for Scholarship Video 2017 from Lauren McClanahan on Vimeo.

Explorations Academy is also a 501(c)3 non-profit and is mission driven to provide access to these experiences for every enrolled student. We are only able to do this with help from the community through generous scholarship contributions. As a school, as students, staff, and faculty we invite you to sponsor a student’s final expedition. Our sponsorship for scholarship campaign is a small but significant way for our students and staff to engage our community in supporting our work and directly contributing to students in need.

The Explorations Academy Final Expedition is a celebration of place, community, and the transformative power of doing hard things is wild places. We want these experiences available to every student! Every dollar of raised directly benefits student scholarships for the upcoming school year.

We invite you to consider a per-mile pledge or sponsorship contribution on behalf of an Explorations student or staff member. 

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