Our high school program

We are a fully-accredited high school, and students graduate with not only a diploma, but also an impressive suite of accomplishments and experiences that make them competitive college applicants. Many of our graduates proceed to four-year college programs, while others pursue technical degrees, start their own businesses, or spend a few years traveling or in service of others. Whatever your path, our hope is to support you in pursuing your passions after high school.

America and Noah in classroom
Art, Music, and other electives are offered Fall and Spring terms; here students in a printmaking class mix ink for relief printing.

Course Clusters

Our curriculum is organized thematically. Each term, students choose from a selection of “Clusters,” each containing several courses focused on a theme such as Energy, Shelter, Meaning and Purpose, Media, Gender, Revolutions, and others. The “Salish Sea” cluster, for example, contains Marine Biology, Northwest History, and Northwest Literature courses. Email us at info@explorationsacademy.org if you would like to see our current course offerings! Click here to view previous term curriculum overviews.


A year at Explorations is broken down into three terms: Fall and Spring terms of 15 weeks each, and a shorter Winter Term of 6 weeks. The Fall and Spring terms host cluster classes as well as Math, World Language, PE, and Elective courses. Our condensed Winter Term provides the opportunity for in-depth cluster study and international travel. PE Classes range from Yoga to Biking to Endurance Training, and Elective Courses include Music, Figure Drawing, Ceramics, and Primitive Skills.

Explorations Academy - Academics - Susannah extracts DNA
Extracting DNA in a Genetics course, Gender Cluster.

Field Programs

Field excursions are at the heart of our program. Each term, students spend an average of 15 days in the field with faculty. Outings range from urban environments to backcountry excursions: students might travel to Seattle or Vancouver to meet with experts in the field for a few days, or may spend up to 8 days backpacking with peers and faculty in our state’s beautiful wilderness areas. The idea here to is to immerse students in the real-world context that makes classroom learning meaningful, and inspires students’ curiosity across disciplines.

Trekking in Thailand
Trekking in Thailand